Keyboard Stickers – Full Colour

Keyboard Stickers – Full Colour


Fully Waterproof.
High tack glue for textured surfaces.
High Resolution colour print.
Matches with boomwhacker and other colour range instruments.
Easy to Apply
Due to print process these are available in batches of 16.

EpicZebra Extras as standard

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Upgraded Colour version of our very popular keyboard sticker range. Printed on waterproof High Tack Vinyl with EcoSolvent ink these are a significant improvement on our black and white paper stickers. Fully Waterproof. High tack glue for textured surfaces. More difficult for students to graffiti due to the high gloss vinyl. High Resolution colour print, matches with boomwhacker and other colour range instruments allowing students to make better links between instruments. Easy to apply. Can be supplied folded in envelopes (may have creases where folds are made) or supplied in a Tube so stickers arrive in perfect condition.

Product Comparison

Black and White Stickers

Paper Based sticker

Black ink only

Not fully waterproof

Can be graffitied if students wish to

Difficult to stick to textured surfaces

Full Colour Stickers

Professional Gloss Vinyl

Full colour print

Fully waterproof

More difficult to graffiti.

Higher Tack glue for textured surfaces

Students can write on with board pen, and wipe off.

Easy to fit, and remove (if required)