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The EpicStory

A childhood passion turned into a hobby, became an obsession and now a business.

Where it all started

A childhood passion

For as long as I can remember, clean vehicles were a major part of my life. My Dad has his own fleet of trucks, and his own truck, shown here, was a Truckfest Finalist. Most weekends were spent with the truck down at the house and me, dad and my brother getting filthy making the truck shine, and not just the topside, my regular job was to crawl under the truck and polish the axles and gearbox, then climb right on top of the cab to make sure the roof was spotless, even though you couldn’t see if from the ground, it had to be right.

This wasn't just a chore

It became more than just a hobby

When I was old enough to have my first vehicle, the cleaning bug was still with me, spending as often as possible keeping it looking right. Over the years I have used lots of different products, some fabulous, others less so.  

During the first lockdown in 2020 I found myself with time to spend on my vehicles again, I spent many hours searching the internet for products. Many were tried, some failed, others did the job, but I always found myself thinking about what could be made better.

Turning the passion into a business

Now it's becoming an obsession.

I have developed these products with one aim, superior cleaning ability which is simple to work with. Whatever your needs, our products will be perfect for your vehicle.  From a one stage super powerful cleaner, or a multiple stage wash process we have the product for your vehicle.

I also wanted to remove the mystery and hassle choosing products, so all our bottles are colour coded to indicate the wash stage it is designed for. You do not need to use all the stages, just choose the products which work for you.

So jump in, have a look and see how my products can help you keep your vehicle looking its best.

Hang on… Whats all the other stuff?

Originally EpicZebra started out as a graphics company supporting car owners clubs with merchandise, we still support our clubs, and many of the members use our products. However as the business has diversified I kept the EpicZebra name. I run this business along side my real job, a Music Teacher, this explains why there are some Education resources on here. These are useful products I developed for my classroom, and then made available for other teachers to buy. Rather than building another website, they just hide on this one! Know a teacher? let them know!